Dr. Burchman has taken care of my dogs and cats for over 20 yrs. Whatever wait there might be is is more than made up for by the excellent care he provides. Dr. Burchman keeps up on all the latest procedures and medicines in order to give your pet the best of care! I will certainly recommend Dr. B and his wonderful staff to anyone looking for the very best in veterinary car!

Judith D.

I was a client of this clinic in from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. Never felt uncomfortable taking my dogs or my ferrets there. They always took care of my pets properly and professionally. There was a doctor by the last name of Burchman, He was awesome. The staff was also great. I love their Doberman pincher they had. He was a gentle giant. I have always recommended people to them.

Nicolas E.

I LOVE this place! The staff and vets are kind and understanding. YES you will WAIT, even if you have an appointment. Because if Your Pet had a cancerous tumor and could be saved, would You want a vet to take 10 minutes, write a script and send you out?

Sahara B.

I have been coming to this clinic for over 10 years with multiple pets. Although there may be some conflicting reviews below... I have to tell you that aside from the small space and it being usually crowded it is a very good clinic. They have always been very professional and the prices are extremely reasonable compared to other vets.

Maria M.

I love this animal clinic! I highly recommend it. I took my dog there for 15 years until he passed away, now I have two puppies and I live upstate but that doesn’t stop me from driving here to see Dr. Burke ! He truly cares for the animals, shows compassion and very professional! The prices are very affordable, the receptionist are very informative and help as much as possible.

Marie O.

This place is absolutely amazing!!!! ALLL of the staff members are kind and professional and do their jobs very well. You will always be treated with hospitality when you visit with your pet. They treat everyone like family and make you feel right at home. I love this place and I recommend it to EVERYONE! I can't find one bad thing to say!

Melissa C.

Prices are great. the doctor was absolutely wonderful. very caring, addresses every concern about your pet, seems very knowledgeable. i will definitely be going there from now on. they helped my yorkie break her poop eating habit after me trying everything possible to break itI will certainly recommend Dr. B and his wonderful staff to anyone looking for the very best in veterinary car!

Krystle K.

I appreciate all the staff and the doctors here. They don't waste your time and they genuinely care. They understand that everyone can't afford certain things so the doctors give out an estimate and allow you to decide unlike some other places where they go through with something and tell you the cost after the fact .

Lessa L.

My pet’s it’s been coming to this place for the past 2 years. Never had any inconvenience. My pixie loves Dr. Anabel M. She is very sweet and patient with my dog. She is truly an excellent doctor and she is driven and polite. Drop in visits can take long but if you schedule an appointment you will be seen quicker. Overall their prices are reasonable and is conveniently near my home.

Aileen M.

Though the wait is crazy, they treat each pet with a lot of care. They charge reasonable prices. I have 4 fur babies (3 dogs 1 cat) one of my dogs is epileptic and if not for this place God knows my baby would have died years ago. Aminal hospital and ASPCA charge a great deal of money which we could not afford but these vets aren't here for the money, they actually care, they want to help, and they understand families are living pay check to paycheck. Love them so much!

Monique C.

This place is amazing! I've been here quite a few times over the years for both of my cats and both of my dogs as well as taking my grandparents pets to this location. The staff is very friendly and they are more than welcome to answer any and all questions you may have. They have also been great at treating my pets at a short notice which I can truly appreciate. My pets have received the best care and I am more than Grateful for their great customer service.

Luz E.

I've had to take both my cat and dog there and had nothing but great experiences. The staff was great and affordable prices. The days I made appointments the wait time wasn't so bad. The days I had to go in as a walk-in the wait time was very long but you have to expect that in any type of hospital.

Anthony P.

You rarely find places like this where the staff is genuine. Even though it was my first time here and I had to leave my best friend of 15 years here for the last time. The doctor was honest with me and we went through the procedure. She went peacefully. I don't have much money especially when you live here in NYC so I was surprised to be able to afford for her to leave us in peace with her family by her side.

Miguel L.

This is a great place. Is not expensive compare to other veterinarian. Is true is always a lot of people but who controls that no one. They threat animal great. I been going to this hospital for so many years and I dont have no complains.

Jeanette F.

This place and it’s amazing doctors have always done great by my fur babies. I’ve been with them for over 10 years. God bless them and their compassion for our babies.

Aline B.
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